I enjoy letting computers do the work for me, and have worked extensively in Python and C++ to make this happen. In the hopes that the things I made can also help others, they are released as open source code. I also dabble in web design and several other languages. Below are some of my projects.


pyGAPS is an adsorption isotherm processing and fitting framework written in Python 3. It is open source and extensively documented. Some of the capabilities are: routine material characterisation (specific surface area, pore volume, pore size distribution), isotherm model fitting as well as multicomponent adsorption prediction using IAST.


A graphical user interface to the pyGAPS package, written in Qt (using Python bindings). This is currently a work in progress.

This website

My personal website. A static site using GitHub Pages, Jekyll and a theme adapted from the open source GitHub Cayman theme. Nothing too fancy.